Bruceslogos No Credit Checks Direct Bad Welcome Cash Now Wed, 15 May 2019 13:28:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Married loan: who pays the bill in case of difficulty? Fri, 03 May 2019 12:19:47 +0000 “Between wife and husband do not put your finger” the saying goes. If the life of a couple is all roses and flowers but one of the two can not pay the loan installments, what is the other?

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Asking for and obtaining a single or married loan can be very different and lead to different consequences. Who chooses to pronounce the fateful “yes” – perhaps by resorting   to a loan for one’s marriage ( find out the benefits here ) – should know some things about their money before going up the steps of the altar.


Communion or separation of assets?

How to protect your assets when you get married

When two people marry, in the absence of any explicit indication, they enter into communion of goods . What does it mean? Wife and husband became co-owners of their respective assets.

In particular they are part of the communion : the goods purchased together or separately during the marriage and their respective fruits, the proceeds of the respective work activities, the companies managed by both spouses and established during the marriage (for those previously constituted communion only profits and increases).


The newlyweds, however, can expressly ask for the division of goods .

In this case, every spouse remains the exclusive owner of the goods purchased before and during the marriage. In addition, everyone remains the owner of debts and personal obligations contracted by unmarried or unmarried and debts incurred personally in the interest of the family (eg a loan for the purchase of the car) after marriage.



What happens if you can not pay the installments of a loan? The differences between communion and division of goods are considerable.

In the case of communion of assets , even if the loan was requested and obtained by only one of the spouses, the other will also be called into question for his compensation. Creditors will then be able to refer to the goods of communion.

It is good to specify, however, one aspect. If, for example, the husband has contracted personal debts, he will be called upon to reforest them first with his own patrimony; only if this is not sufficient, the creditor can refer to his wife’s assets up to half of the amount to be paid . If you were to get to the foreclosure and auctioning of assets, the wife would have the right to receive half of the gross sum obtained (judgment 6575/13 of the Court of Cassation).

In case of separation of assets , on the contrary, every spouse has no obligation towards the creditors of the other spouse. The situation changes only if one of the two spouses decides to co-sign the obligations assumed.

In fact, in order to have more protection, the bank or lender may request this additional guarantee precisely because a spouse who has opted for the separation of assets has the same position as those who are unmarried in front of a credit institution.


Communion or separation of goods: can you change your mind?

The answer is yes . Wife and husband can change their asset regime at any time. How to do? It is necessary to go to a notary who will draw up a public deed in this sense. This document will be noted in the margin of the marriage certificate in the competent registry office. You can change the regime even more than once .


And in case of separation or death of a spouse?

The bonds on the loan imposed by the communion of goods cease when it is dissolved. By law, the communion of goods is interrupted in the event of cancellation, dissolution and termination of the civil effects of marriage, failure of one of the spouses or declaration of absence or death of one of the spouses.

Compare Loans Online Fri, 12 Apr 2019 12:55:37 +0000 Compare Loans. Comparing offers of different financing is a step that certainly considers fundamental before choosing the loan that is right for you.

Compare Loans

Compare Loans. Comparing offers of different financing is a step that certainly considers fundamental before choosing the loan that is right for you.

By putting more loans in comparison you will realize that every bank and financial company has its own internal policies, which while obviously respecting the parameters established by the Bank of Italy, make one installment or a contract different from the other.


If instead you have questions and you have turned more than one forum compare online loans without satisfying your curiosity, write on our blog , one of our operators will be ready to answer all your questions or questions in a completely free way.

Request and manage Online loans via the internet is now simple practical and safe . Compare banks financing with the help of experts.

  • Be followed step by step until the credit is disbursed.
  • Compare the loan installment and choose the most suitable for you.
  • Your request will not create any report in the database.
  • You will get the best interest rate offered by the market
  • Free service

We have been operating in this field for more than 15 years; once acquired the necessary information we will make the comparison between financing for you and we will propose the offer that reflect your requests with better payment and duration.

Where to Compare Online Funding

The choices that you can decide to go through to compare more loans and find the right one for you are two, in particular:

  • Use online loan comparators , cold calculators that will only take into account the superficial data that you will enter.

Here are some of the most famous online simulators :

  • Choose specialized personnel, an agent or a credit broker who will put at your disposal their skills and loans on loans arising from the agreements they have with the various banks. That’s why we are at Mr. Jaggers.

Choose now it’s your turn:

– In the first option you will use an impersonal calculation and comparison tool that will not be able to concretely assess your needs in detail, or make more evaluations to choose from, and you will not be advised.

– In the second case you will have a direct contact with specialized staff and you will be not only to choose after the comparison, but to establish the duration, the installment and the sum appropriate to your circumstances, evaluating more feasible options, under the guidance of an expert.

Fill out the request form and you will be contacted immediately for a totally free estimate if you have any questions write on our blog you will immediately get the answer or advice you need, you will also find our service whatsapp active on 3929026173.

Compare Loans and Request: do you have any Risks?

The answer to this question is Yes. The online funding comparators you rely on are often linked to credit databases and an incorrectly filed request may result in your funding being rejected.

Some of the risks that run on the web by applying for an online loan are:

  1. You can not find the offer you were looking for, the proposals are either too high or too low compared to what you requested.
  2. By entering your personal details and income your name may be reported in the central database and if the application is rejected, for at least 30 days no bank or financial will accept your new request.
  3. You could run into untrustworthy and unreliable websites.

If you need a free quote made by specialized personnel, our team is at your disposal and the financing requests you make with us do not create any reports.

Ask for your loan in complete tranquility and serenity.

Compare Young Funding

If you are a young person between the ages of 18 and 35 and have plans for the future you are probably looking online to compare young funding to figure out what they are, if there are under 35 loans and which would be more important to you.

By comparing the prices of the various loans you will realize that the loans for young people, who can not provide many guarantees, vary from a minimum amount of € 500 up to a maximum amount of € 15,000.

What are some of the young funding to consider?

Here are the products available to young people, with little work stability and with few guarantees:

  • Loanable young loans
  • Loans of honor for young entrepreneurs and students
  • Loans for young people without work

Compare your Security Funding

After a careful comparison of loans and financial, you are undecided on how to move, you can not determine what is the right choice or cheaper.

Here is where the figure of the financial agents or the credit intermediary is born, as we are, regularly registered with the OAM.

By relying on companies like Mr. Jaggers, which have been operating in the financial market for years, you will have the opportunity not only to obtain the liquidity you need, but also to do it in maximum security.

Together with you we will work to confront the more banks are estimates to find the loan that suits your needs; do you want to compare yourself with an individual or a computer?

The proxy loans, what they are and who can request them? Thu, 04 Apr 2019 12:33:21 +0000 Do you need a huge sum but do you already have funding behind? Do not worry, the proxy loans come to your rescue, which is a strengthening of financial loans.

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Attention, however, they are exclusively linked to employees with a permanent contract for at least 6 months. However, institutions or companies affiliated with this type of financial institution can request it. Thus excluding pensioners and self-employed workers.


How the payment proxy works

The payment proxy is similar to the transfer of the fifth: even its installments are in fact repaid by means of a pay check . The installments can not exceed 20% of the employee’s net income and this delegation corresponds to the second installment debited in the salary statement.

Unlike the transfer of the fifth, however, this deduction can be granted only and exclusively if the company is favorable , as it is not a worker’s right but a concession granted by the company for his employee.


How to do in case of double retention in the envelope

If you already have two deductions in the envelope (transfer of the fifth and delegate payment), you have the possibility to renew the loans in progress for both loans. What does this practice consist of? Simple, it means closing a loan and opening another loan, thus obtaining additional liquidity, choosing to lower or raise the installment. However, renegotiation of the loan is only possible if you have already paid 40% of the installments. In case of renewal, the amortization plan can be extended up to 120 months.

In fact, given the important sums requested, the repayment of these loans involves very long delivery times, it is also called 10 years . In these cases, the guarantees governing these loans are not very flexible, this to guarantee the credit institution the full coverage of the amount paid.


What are the rates and useful documents?

The repayment of the installments is not subject to rate changes , as the installment is constant . You do not even need to specify the reasons for the request, and it is possible   activate insurance policies in the event of job loss or death.

But which documents are used to present the request? Obviously paychecks , the employee’s cud and the salary certificate , requested from the company once the feasibility of the application has been confirmed. Then only the applicant’s signature is needed without the presence of a guarantor. Simple, no?

Car loans: how to choose the right one for you? Fri, 15 Mar 2019 13:13:19 +0000 Car loans are the most beloved loans by Italians.

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This was revealed by a recent Assofin survey (May 2018): 34% of loans granted in 2017 were requested for the purchase of a used car (18%) or a new car (16%).

If more than one in three loans are asked for the purchase of a car, you need to ask yourself what are the cheapest car loans . A good part of the answer can be obtained by focusing on the main characteristics that distinguish a personal loan from a finalized loan.

The first step to do if you want to buy a car with a loan, in fact, is the choice between a bank loan or a loan . If you do not know the difference between personal loan and finalized loan , you can learn it in two minutes by reading this article , which you will need to better understand the following.


The bank loan and its advantages

The bank loan for the car is a personal loan granted by the credit institution. With the money obtained from the bank you can proceed to purchase the car by paying immediately the full cost at the dealer.

What are the main advantages?

  • If you pay the full cost of the car right away, you can sometimes get a discount.
  • If you get a discount and you make money from the loan that the bank has granted you can freely use the difference for other purposes without having to give an account to anyone.
  • If the car is used and therefore the cost is not too high, you immediately take the thought of having to pay the installments set by the dealership which, of course, are higher than the cost of the car.
  • If the dealership offers a financial with very high rates ( in particular it controls the APR and not just the TAN! ), The bank loan can save you money.


The financial and its advantages

The financial proposal proposed by the concessionaire is a finalized loan . It is a loan granted directly at the time of purchase of the car that has been particularly successful in the last years of economic crisis due to the difficulty in obtaining money from the banks.

What are the benefits?

  • There are no down payments or maxi installments.
  • Financial formulas are often flexible.
  • In the case of installments which, if added together, exceed the amount of the car, you can however obtain insurance or additional services at an advantageous price.
  • Often after three years you can return the car and refinance the purchase of a new vehicle.



Leasing: a third opportunity

A third chance if you want to buy a car is to resort to a car lease . It is a solution halfway between car rental and buying and selling . In this case you will pay an initial installment (even if today often those who propose the car leasing do it without advance) and then a monthly fee.

What are the benefits?

  • The monthly fee also covers maintenance and insurance.
  • If you change cars often, you will not have to worry about the devaluation.
  • The redemption of the car is a decision that is up to you.
  • If you buy a leased company car, you can deduct the monthly installments for the principal amount of the company balance sheet.

The transfer of the fifth: an extra option

Buying cars by assignment of the fifth salary is an extra opportunity that opens up for public and private employees and pensioners. The formula for the transfer of the fifth ( find out all the details here ) is simple: one month will be withheld from the paycheck or pension a fifth of the amount.

What are the benefits?

  • The monthly payment is sustainable, being 20% ​​of your salary or pension.
  • If you are a bad payer or a protestant, this possibility is granted to you


The zero rate: what does this mean?

Another important thing to know if you want to buy cars and you have to resort to a loan is what means the “zero rate” formula that is underlined in many commercials. The zero rate refers to the TAN (nominal annual rate) , ie the pure interest rate that is applied to the loan received each year.

This means that the TAN of the auto loan does not include ancillary costs and collection costs ( so remember to look at the APR too! ). The zero-interest loan is often offered together with the “theft and fire” insurance policy for the entire duration of the loan.

Express Loan with Online Instant Confirmation – Payment in 24 hours Sat, 09 Mar 2019 15:27:43 +0000


If you need money fast, a quick loan is a great way to get a loan without a long wait. It is not uncommon for a loan to be issued in 24 hours, but this is only possible if the applicant meets all the requirements for an urgent loan. If you need a loan in 24 hours, you should look it up on the Internet, especially direct and online banks give their customers an urgent loan, if it has to go fast. Since credit checks are now almost always carried out using standardized procedures, there is nothing to get in the way of credit approval within a few minutes, so credit can be granted within 24 hours. If you need to pay for important bills, make an urgent repair, or have a short-term financial emergency, then a quick loan is a good solution, as it will help you get the loan you need in no time without having to spend too much time.

Calculate online loan online and secure your offer immediately!

Calculate online credit online and secure your offer immediately!

On the Internet you can search for offers for urgent loans, because with the help of a loan calculator you can quickly find a suitable offer. Important are only the details of the loan amount and the duration, on the basis of this data suitable offers are compared. After just a few moments you will get an overview of the corresponding loan offers.


In order to lose no time, it is possible to complete the selected express loan directly through the loan calculator, so that you can apply for the loan in 24 hours immediately via a corresponding online form at the bank of his choice. However, it should be noted that all information on income, employment, etc. must be done truthfully, because a comparison of the data takes place in any case, even with an urgent credit. Checking the data with the Schufa takes only a few minutes, so that the borrower can find out in a very short time whether an express credit can be awarded or not. In order to get a loan within 24 hours, you need not only a discreet Schufa but also a regular income, such as a permanent employment.

Mortgages denied by the bank: here are the possible reasons Thu, 07 Feb 2019 13:50:02 +0000 Only one thing is missing: the financing to pay it. And if the bank says no?

mutuo negato dalla banca 848x450

Finally you have found the home of your dreams. You are incredibly agree with the partner: there is a balcony that appeals to him, the big kitchen that she likes, a large terrace.


Why do they deny us a loan?

Have you ever wondered what could be the reasons why you can refuse a loan ? You can prepare all the documentation possible to buy your love nest, but to have the last word on the mortgage you are asking for, it will be the bank, no one else.

Before granting the sum requested, the bank will make careful evaluations on various aspects, such as your repayment capacity, reliability and punctuality of payments . Not only that: you must make sure that the property in question is suitable , or that there are no abuses or irregularities of any kind.

As a general rule , the repayment installment must not exceed one third of the monthly net household income. Therefore, the Bank may deem it advisable to check whether or not you already have other loans in progress, and to check how you behave in the payment of the related installments.

So let’s say that the reasons that can stop the granting of a loan by the bank may be different and cover both the property, which the “bank identity card” of the applicant, or: other excessively high loans already in place, family income insufficient, previous reports of delayed payments.



What to do to overcome a possible obstacle to granting the loan ?

Let’s try to find some solutions for the different cases listed above.

In the case of income already committed by other loans , the board is to extinguish existing loans by demonstrating through the so-called letters of resolution, the balance of the amount due. Self   instead you see yourself rejecting the mortgage because the family income is not enough , there are several alternatives. If you can not take advantage of an additional guarantor, you can verify that the bank accepts a third mortgage , which would be the owner of the property that does not coincide then with the holder of the loan. Otherwise you can lower the loan amount or lengthen it.

And what if the bank does not trust because it has received reports of delayed payments from you ? Here, in this case you need to request cancellation and ask the bank for a new visa. Finally, it may happen that the property is not in order, and therefore the bank will not grant the loan. The owner will solve the problem. If you want a little advice: make a contract in the contract that relieves you from any financial commitment and that, in the case of a loan not granted, you will be returned the entire deposit . You never know …

Easy loans in case 2019 starts with curves Mon, 22 Oct 2018 15:28:30 +0000 Every new year is accompanied by some uncertainty. We can not know what this 2019 will present; if it will be like 2018 if we will have surprises if our life will change completely … And if we apply this principle to finances, it is even more irregular, since many times it will not even depend on us. There is a long list of variables that can unbalance our economy and that we can not foresee. In order to be able to react immediately, it is important that we know all the easy money paths within our reach and the free mini-loans can be of help depending on our circumstances.

When to request easy money?

The simplest financing model to get easy money is the mini credits since with them we can get up to 300 euros in just 15 minutes, without any type of paperwork. We can perform all procedures online, so we will not even have to leave home.

However, these products have a somewhat high cost, so they should not be taken lightly. It will only be advisable to request them when we are in a specific situation in which the lack of liquidity supposes a great stumbling block. They should never be ordered as substitutes for regular income of any kind, as this could end in over-indebtedness if we do not organize ourselves well.

Paying a traffic fine or paying a surprisingly high electricity bill are some examples of situations for which
payday installment online loans can be useful. And it is not advisable to use the easy money of a mini loan to assume an expense that is repeated in the time since the next month we would be in the same situation.

The wide range of free mini credits

Such is the competition in the financial sector, that companies have had to innovate in their offers to unthinkable limits only a few decades ago. This phenomenon does nothing but positively impact on us as customers, since we have a wide range of possibilities, with which it will be easier to find an offer that suits us.

The main consequence of this tough rivalry between companies is that free mini-credits have been created, with which we will not have to pay costs of any kind. That is, we only have to return the amount we request.

We might think that, by removing the cost of the mini-credit from the equation, we could already use the easy money it provides for periodic concepts, but it is a mistake. The reason is that we will not be able to access these free microloans at all times, but they are part of a promotion, so generally only the first financing will have no interest.

Whether or not the loan we request is free, we must bear in mind that the repayment period will be very short, at most 60 days. For this reason, it will be important that we know how to organize ourselves so as not to fall into default since they would charge us a series of extra commissions for not complying with what was signed in the contract. In addition, it will never be advisable to request this type of financial products if we are not convinced that we can return it.

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